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My wife my mother all three parts together

I married my mom???? All three parts sorry for the mix up… I love older women. Always have. My adopted mother was very pretty and sexy in some ways. Ok she was hot. However she was taboo, I never would have even thought of looking at her. For goo…

August 8, 2019, Stories of Erotica

One day my ex and I were having anal sex and she wanted me to switch between her ass and her vagina. I would do 2-3 pumps in each hole before she would say switch and I could only handle this for like 10 minutes. I came in her vagina because she was …

July 24, 2019, Stories of Erotica
A Quiet Life

At 34 and single, I decided I had enough of the city rat-race and moved to a quiet rural town away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I’m well off and worked from home even before leaving the city. I got a nice home on the edge of town with nice…

July 9, 2019, Stories of Erotica
Turned myself out (True story) – Christine

I’m a 25 year old straight male..for now. I really feel like I’m turning myself out. I’ve been convincing myself that I can live as a straight male. It would work for a while but then I would start to feel a tingle downstairs and all the nasty though…

June 25, 2019, Stories of Erotica
Daddy’s little Princess

I’m Gavin 24 oldest of two, I left home at 16. My mother Marion died when I was 12 car accident, That left me my father Gregory and my sister Elizabeth than 6. I got a job in factory and was getting by, then I had a lawyer come see me. Gregory had di…

June 10, 2019, Stories of Erotica
Family Harem

I’m Alan 29 happy, I left home at fifteen after my father died and went travelling. My mother died years before when I was four, in child birth. I had no brothers or sisters and didn’t like school. I got by on odd jobs and my wits, made crude carving…

May 27, 2019, Stories of Erotica
V – Tinder Find Finale

The day finally had dawned. I was anxious, excited everything at once for the dry spell was finally going to break. “Babygirl, you got this!”, I reminded myself. Letting a breath out I made sure everything was okay before leaving. Since it’d al…

May 12, 2019, Stories of Erotica
The Neighbor

I’m Gary now 34 married and have a family, back when I was 18. I lived with my parents and 2 younger siblings. I worked for my grandfather and father in their plumbing business, I was home alone on holiday weekend as I had a party to attend. The rest…

April 28, 2019, Stories of Erotica
Her Threesome Fantasy – Part II

This is the second part of Her Threesome Fantasy: After Jeff left us that night, we were both relaxing in bed, when I asked her how the experience was for her. She said it was awesome, but now I am horny for a threesome with two strangers and you…

March 29, 2019, Stories of Erotica
Building her up fast

The sole young female apprentice on a high rise construction site is boned by two tilers in an unfinished apartment… Tony was not your average sparkie. Workmates were impressed by where their small colleague could squeeze their slender arm and thi…

June 30, 2016, Stories of Erotica