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Drive In Movies

Back when I was 20, I got my first car. It wasn’t new, but I to me it was the greatest. I lived in a small town and would drive to the next bigger town, which had a drive in. I would take my friends. I didn’t have a steady and most girls didn’t put o…

March 14, 2019, Stories of Erotica
Revenge- Gaz’s Day

We had 5 weeks to complete the job. Mick and Co didn’t do much work in the summer which I thought was strange for a builder but Alice said he was a lazy bastard and just sat in the pub most days getting pissed. I have planned my order in which each…

February 28, 2019, Stories of Erotica
Stranger in my bed- The twist

I left Dave with a heavy heart not knowing if we would ever speak or even contact over the internet. I tried a few text messages and e-mails. Nothing. He had his own life, but I had much more. I got a text for my birthday and one for Christmas. I sen…

February 13, 2019, Stories of Erotica
My Friends Hot Mom

I went over to my friend Mikes house the other day. He had called me about playing some basketball and I agreed. When I showed up Mikes Mom Claire stood in the kitchen. I knocked and she opened the door. Claire has 34E tits and a big firm round rear …

January 30, 2019, Stories of Erotica
Aged to perfection

My house 9 a.m. if your up for the challenge I wrote on the note and left it under his windshield wiper. At 54 I’m still in good shape. I have bit more padding in places. But, I do what I can to take care of myself. A couple of the guys at work ca…

January 16, 2019, Stories of Erotica
Horny rainy Sunday

Hi All – Woke up yesterday so horny have not cum in 2 weeks (if you have not read anything about me due to an issue when I was young I do not get hard and cum like normal. I only dip and flow sometimes). Anyway – I was so horny and wanting to taste …

January 1, 2019, Stories of Erotica
Best night of our lives

I feel like I need to write about the greatest sexual experience of our life which happened only 2 days ago and share it because to me it would be a crime not to… I have written the following from memory of the last couple days as best I can in the…

January 1, 2019, Stories of Erotica
Slut Life Part 1

My name is Carol. I’ve been called a slut many times during my thirty-two years and, yes I am promiscuous, yes I love sex with men and women, but I don’t think I’m a bad person and I certainly don’t do anything that my partners aren’t comf…

January 1, 2019, Stories of Erotica
All Access

In my experience, the quickest way to get a woman to lie is to ask her “have you ever fantasized about triple penetration?”. The real answer is “duh, of course!”. But it’s rare that one of us will admit to it. In all likelihood you’ll get a r…

December 17, 2018, Stories of Erotica
Quietly As We Can.

Honey, Lucy fell asleep on me again. he chuckled. I’ll get her to the crib my dear. He kissed me. It felt different. The air was different this time. He seemed.. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I can only admit.. It was making me wet down there. I wa…

December 2, 2018, Stories of Erotica